Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lovely Things To Do With Ribbon!

Since I've been on the ribbon kick, and I've given you some ribbon sources. You might be wondering what you can do with some of that ribbon. Here's some ideas to spark your creativity. 

 Tailored Roman Shade a simple, classic look.
Greek key trim on  a bamboo roller shade. From Green Street blog.
 Make a fabulous ribbon garland. Perfect for the backdrop to any photo or party. By Creature Comforts.

 Use ribbon to add that special touch to any table setting. Or as an added embellishment to a runner.
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Add ribbon to a pillow and create your own custom design.
What about adding it to a plain headboard? I would love to try this one day.
Have you done any projects with ribbon lately? I would love to see!

Bedroom designed by Kerrisdale Design Inc, and photography by Tracey Ayton
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  1. I'm loving your ribbon week over here! I need to do those pillows asap!

  2. I keep saying I am going to try that bamboo shade DIY! I love it!!!

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