Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

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I have so many great memories of 2011 it was a great year! As this new year starts I'm excited for what's yet to come. The blessings, joy, adventures and love 2012 will bring. I love the feeling of a brand new year, it helps me reassess what's important to me and make new goals.

Goals for the new year:

Starting blogging regularly

Record more of the small mommy moments by pictures and writing them down.

Try to tackle more of the DIY projects I've been wanting to do. I want to do SO many projects and have so many ideas flowing through my head, I want to do them all.

Get Organized! I love a well organized space it cuts the chaos and helps everything feel so fresh. I'm think something like this. I love how all the ribbons have a spot and are easy to find.

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What are some of your New Year's Goals?

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