Thursday, January 19, 2012

Design School Fridays

I thought I would start teaching an element or principle of Interior design every Friday. I am hoping that someone might learn from it. These principles and elements are used by interior designer's everyday to achieve great design.
Today, were going to talk about Balance, Symmetry and Asymmetry.
First off lets talk about Symmetry. Being symmetrical means if you cut a room in half it would be a mirror image of each other.
For example:

See how on both sides are perfectly balanced? Having symmetry is usually always pleasing to the eye. It's a great way to start if you have no idea what to do with the other side of the room. You can use symmetry to complete the room. Though, sometimes this tends to get boring but usually always leads to a great classic result!

Here's a great example of asymmetrical rooms:

Even though these rooms aren't symmetrical, each side of the room balances the other side out.
Assymetry always makes for a more interesting room. When your decorating, make sure your room is balanced whether your using asymmetry or symmetry.

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  1. Love the little lesson in balance.. though most of recall learning about it in elementary school, it never hurts to be re grounded in principles that lend to a more desirable living space! So glad to have found you via Christine with Bijou and Boheme!
    Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

  2. Thanks, so glad you found me to! Thanks for stopping by.