Friday, January 13, 2012

Design School Fridays

I thought I would start teaching an element or principle of Interior design every Friday. I am not a professional teacher nor claim to be. But I am hoping that someone might learn from it. These principles and elements are used by interior designer's everyday to achieve great design.
Today, were going to talk about Scale and Proportion.

Proportion is how the size of an object relates to the rest of the object. Scale is how an object relates to other objects or the space around it.

It matters in interiors because you want everything to be the right scale for a room, object or pattern. Scale can make or break a room. If you have a large sofa with teeny, tiny pillows something will look off. If you have a big sofa with a small coffee table it can be out of scale. You want your eye to flow through the room and if something is off scale you will notice. Here are some great examples of the right scale.

The pictures and mirror are scaled perfectly for over the beds.


Everything in this living room is scaled well. The large sofas compliment the large coffee table and the chairs are perfectly scaled. The fireplace is also the right size for the grouping of furniture.

Scale is an important factor to consider when designing a room. Always look at the overall size of a room, as well as the scale of the furniture, artwork and accessories you want to place in it.

Of course once you know the rules, sometimes it might work to break them. A common misconception is to use a small sofa in a small space, however, using a large sofa can trick your eye and make the space appear bigger.
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