Tuesday, May 29, 2012

High End Vs. Low End

Today, let's play a little guessing game! I thought it would be fun to have you write in the comments which pieces you think are the high end and which are the budget friendly version. The difference in prices are astonishing! It will be fun to play, and tomorrow I'll post the results with all the sources. Let's see if someone can get them all right! 
One side is high end the other side is low end.
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  1. I think the right side is high end...the chair and the lamp look a bit more ornate to me.

  2. #1. Going with the table lamp on the right: it looks like a solid crystal on nickel base vs. glass on wood.
    #2. Again, going with the chair on the right. While the left cushion seems to be higher on the back of the chair, the right looks fuller, and the beading around the upholsering on the arms and seat indicates heavier workmanship
    #3. This one was tough...but I'm staying right. The left looks like excellent copies. The right looks heavier and warmer. Plus I love the navy with the white medallions!

  3. Ok, because I am so original today (and I happen to think they are correct) I am in agreement with Melissa and shuzluva. Looking forward to finding out if I can afford a couple of those chairs!

    Hugs, Tanya