Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guessing Game

Today, let's play a little guessing game! I thought it would be fun to have you write in the comments which pieces you think are the high end and which are the budget friendly version.  The difference in prices are astonishing! 

It will be fun to play, and tomorrow I'll post the results with all the sources. Let's see if someone can get them all right!

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  1. I think the items on the left are the high end items. :) Cool idea!! Megan

  2. I'm going with: High End on the RIGHT. There's something I recognize (not sayin'), but I'm 99% sure it's the high end version.

  3. Are they all from one side or the other? If they are grouped together I'm going to agree with Megan and say the items on the left are the high end items. They're so close though, I'd be perfectly happy to take whichever are the budget items!

    1. No they might or might not be grouped together. But if you think they are you can guess a side! =)

  4. How fun! I think the bookshelf and fabric on the left are low end and my guess is the chair and desk on the left are high end. Love that knock off fabric. I bought the aqua and need to check if the navy is in stock yet!

  5. It is impossible to pick a difference on the furniture and truly would be a guess. the only piece that looks discernibly different is the tables. i am guessing that the rougher looking one on the left is the high end one. The fabric on the left looks more defined so I would guess it is high end. I look forward to the answers.