Monday, May 14, 2012

This + That {Entry Addition}

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers day full of laughter, adventure, and family! I had a fabulous weekend, I hope you all did to! I spent it hanging out with family and my little girl, she truly is the best little companion I'm one lucky mama! 

Today I'm showing you a couple different styles to design your entry in! I love designing a variety of styles. What's your design style? If you were one of these rooms which one would you be? I'm a mixture of traditional, colorful and playful.

I would love to help you design a room for your home! Do you have a space in your house that has been needing attention for far too long, and you just don't know what to do with it? Whether it is lack of time or ideas, let's make that room something you adore. E-design takes the stress and guess work right out of decorating. Rates start at $150 per room, let's get started today!
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  1. oh yes.. you are .. very lucky!!

    Totally love them all.. very interesting..

  2. In real ife I'm traditional but I want to be colorful! Where is that amazing pink table from?


    1. Jessica,
      Here's the link to the table.
      Isn't it divine?