Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I love About Fall

Whew, it has been a long week. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my life has been kinda of crazy. But now I'm back! =) To start out the week I wanted to share with you my favorite things about fall.

1. Who doesn't love to be bundled up in a pretty coat or sweater. I think I have a little obsession with coats and love the make an outfit out of one.

2. Boots! I can't wait to grab a pair of my skinny jeans and  boots.

3. Scarves are my go to accessory in the fall. Put on a plain t-shirt and dress it up with a scarf. It can make a blah outfit to amazing in no time flat.

4. I love the changing of season, the colors of fall, the crisp autumn air. It truly is one of my favorite times of the year.

What do you love about fall?

Boots // Scarf // Ruffled Trench Coat

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  1. These are my favorite fall things too, well all these and the food of course. I can't wait to pull out my boots!