Friday, February 3, 2012

Design School Fridays

I thought I would start teaching an element or principle of Interior design every Friday. I am hoping that someone might learn from it. These principles and elements are used by interior designer's everyday to achieve great design. Today were talking about Rhythm.

Rhythm in a room is something that keeps repeating, it could be a color, shape, pattern, texture or line. The idea is to help your eye flow seamlessly through the room.

First off let's cover repetition. In this picture notice how the color and shapes are repeated. Pink, white and gold are the main theme here. The pictures on the wall repeat a common shape, as do the end table and lamps.
Source: here

Next radiation, radiation starts in the center and moves out. Think of dropping a pebble into a  lake.


The Lines in this room are very radial. They start with the architecture of the ceiling, and are repeated in the light, and furniture. Your eye goes straight to the center of the room and moves out.

Contrast: Look at the contrast of the lovely charcoal walls paired with the bright white sofa. It gives this room a striking appearance.


Next up is gradation or progression. It's when an object goes from bigger to smaller, Or from a light color to dark. To create rhythm in a room think of stacking objects on top of each other. A stack of books, bowls, baskets, suitcases all add interest to a room.

 Transition carries your eye on a path. In this picture your eye follows the stairs, rug, banister and molding and helps transition your eye up the stairs.

If you have anything in particular you'd like me to cover in the coming weeks let me know. I'd love some suggestions on things your wanting to learn about.
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  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed this--design has always facinated me!